Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Price of gas oils as drops recently giving a slight relief

Price of gas oils as drops recently giving a slight relief to all drivers all across the state and others countries who had to face and paid for gas price increase many times in the recent years. Even with the slight decrease working class people are still finding it difficult to travel most of the time which they used to drive in the past three years or more for a beach or hill vacations.

With the early record gas prices increased most people are used to stay at home to cut the cost of fuel prices that they had to pay per month thus helping them to budget their finance. Others ways of saving fuel price for average family like car pooling or using alternate transports. This help many family to control their ways of easy life style in the past and also helps many parents to have more time with their children and understand them. Even if with further slight drops in fuel price it made no much difference unless it is a huge drops.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

History of gas price will never comes to the stop

As there was no ceiling of growing gas prices so the history of gas price will never comes to the stop unless all countries comes to a compromise to put some end to control the gas price increased. With the increased of gas price poor countries will suffer most, food, raw materials and transport will be going up. The history of gas prices is a powerful indicator of future trends that most rich countries or countries that produce gas oils became richer and the poor countries became poorer.

With the increased of gas price, many items start to increased . For instance transport goes up and this cause foods and items to go up. Before a year ago I spend a hundred dollars on transport now I have to spend double the amount. Now I have to barget the cost spend on petrol that I have to cut some holidays trip with my children and stay more at home. With the rise of gas price some countries who are subsides petrol and selling cheaper then the neighbor countries have to come out with two price.


Friday, April 04, 2008

Keep increasing of gas price will decrease traffic jam

There is no stopping to the increase of gas prices. The high cost of gas prices had help many people to use public transport as a been of transports to reach their destination. Some country, people of the same area use car pool to reach their working place. This has cause a slight decrease in the number and length of traffic jams in most country.

Another reasons to the decrease of traffic jam is people try to stay at home and enjoy the picture of their home made theater system. Buying one or two weeks foods items at home. Eating their home cook food rather then eating in a restaurant. Less traveling during weekends to holiday places. Enroll their children in school near to their staying place.

Looking into the future if you monitor the traffic patterns, if the gas price keep on increase more and more people will ride in public transports and besides people will find jobs in their living area or home working. This patterns can help a parts in less traffic jam and a smoother ride on the highways and most busy area.


Monday, February 11, 2008

There is no height for gas price

After the gulf war, the price of gas is going up every times and its touching its highest peak history. It is better for us to look and prepare ourself in future if there is is another increae as we know wheather we like it or not, we had to face it as our government won't be doing much to it and it can't affort to subsidy all the times.

There are ways where we can save few hundreds per month, like going to works in car pools, use private transports if its is more convidents to you. Walk it is a short distant from your place. Stay more time at home and works a ways on your grocers to save more travelling.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Oil price had shoot up to US$80.00

Since the Global petroleum price has sky rocketed to US$80.00 (RM280) per barrel, Malaysia will still maintain its subsidy for diesel oil despect the rising. Its was reported the higher oil costs in the global market will mean that Petronas can allocate higher dividents to the government which is the main shareholder of the company.

The government and the misinstry is closely monitoring the fuel price because if it continues to shoot upwards, there is need to determine what impact it will have on the country's export driven economy. The ministry said on reports which cited bad weather in the Gulf of Mexico, where many oil refineries are sited, as a reason for another round of grobal oil price rice. When ask about the increased smuggling of oil products to neighbouring countries, he said it was on the country's security agencies to prevent that. smuggling of oil and disel can be considerel a form of economic sabotage so the enforcement agencies must be vigilant.

Friday, August 10, 2007

When will the oil price stop going up.

The price crude oil keep on increased and now it at the record high of nearly $80-00 per barrels compare to september 2003 a standard crude oil was under $25-00 a barrel. Even we are staying in the country like Malaysia where the oil is quite cheap as the oil is subsides by the governmont compare to other Asian countries we are still feeling the pinch.

Buying cars thats less comsumtion of oils are the main issue to most cars owners. With the current technology cars like Toyota Vois and Toyota Prius GHybrid Cars are less comsumers of oil compare to others cars and Malaysian make cars. Hybrids run on gas but are super efficient because their engines run at the perfect speed all the time with the electric motor and the batteries that gives us a great gas mileage.


Monday, July 02, 2007

Use cheaper gasoline to travel

Prices of crude oil keeps going up as gas price histories can provide a powerful look into the future and the economy of its country. Gas market professionals use gas price history to chart gas price against most developments countryand also its impack on gas price.

I have try to to save gas by pumping regular gasoline into my car instead of expensive gasoline. My car still traveller and never give me problem with the cheaper gas. Try to understand where you are going as you might be turning up searching for the place as this will cause you to use more gasoline gas.